That's What Kate Said

Not everything is for you Fatman. #baby

New addition to my wall of cultcha’. #everybodyrise

E’rebody get up. #THEjeffcur (at Lighthouse Beach New Haven, CT)

Key beer opener wedding favor. #word (at Anthony’s Ocean View Catering)

Bris station? #wedding (at Anthony’s Ocean View Catering)

Wives at a wedding. #tokenEllenAndPortia (at Lighthouse Beach New Haven, CT)

The party is here folks. (at Lighthouse Beach New Haven, CT)



actual footage of gays destroying the sanctity of marriage

How dare those gays raise happy children in a loving home. it’s disgusting.

(Source: imsirius)

Via Still, like air, I rise.

When I find out that my pregnant wife will be able to burn 1000 calories a day just by breast feeding.


I’m like:

Jon Stewart gif


Via The Pregnant Husband
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